What does CEO stand for ?

What does CEO stand for? C.E.O. or CEO stands for  the top management member in a corporation. So far, that doesn’t really tell us much. What is a good CEO definition?

what does ceo stand for

So what does CEO stand for?

Chief Executive Officer is the full title !


The role of the CEO varies depending on what stage the company is in. In a start-up, a CEO probably does everything, from manage the books to hire staff to respond to customers’ concerns. In a large multi-national corporation, the CEO is very often the liaison between the Board of Directors and the management team.


Most often, the CEO is the key person to set strategy and vision. Like the Captain of a ship, the CEO decides where the company should go, how it will get there and what the major steps might be along the way. This helps us define the question what does ceo stand for ?


Every company needs to have a plan, but every plan needs to have a goal. There has to be someone who has the “big picture.” That is the CEO. That person will look at the past, the present and the future and guide the organization towards a clear set of goals. Once the CEO sets the vision, it is usually up to the rest of the management team to figure out the details of getting there.

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In many ways, the ship analogy is clearest. When Magellan sailed to the New World and around the tip of South America, he worked with a navigator to plot a course, a pilot to steer the ship and dozens of riggers who kept the sails working to power the voyage.


By definition, a CEO needs to be conversant in nearly every section of their business, from the shipping crew sending out the boxes to the accountants working out the finances.



A truly great CEO is a rarity, because of the breadth of vision that they must have. Few people ever gain experience within all the different aspects of the company. Fewer still want the very heavy responsibilities that the position entails. Like the President, if the company fails, it will be exclusively his or her fault.


And, like a great head coach, a CEO must recruit the right people for every position. He must give them the vision to be part of the team and also the tools and compensation required in order to retain them.


Now we have got to grips with what does CEO stand for you may be after a little more information. CEOs of large corporations are very handsomely rewarded for the work that they do. Most deserve it. It is a rare and special person who can see all of that is going on, foresee what may happen and move an entire company in a direction that will allow the company, its employees and its stockholders to profit from the future.


What does CEO stand for?

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