CTO Job Description – what does a CTO do?

cto job description

CTO Job Description

A CTO is a Chief Technology Officer.CTO Job Description for This type of position is found at the executive level. Anyone who works as a CTO must be able to oversee the scientific and technological aspects of a company, as they relate to new products that are coming to market.

These days, with the rise of the IT industry, Chief Technology Officers are becoming more commonplace. Usually, this type of corporate officer will take direction from a CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The CEO formulates the CTO Job Description for This type of position . Anyone who works as a CTO must be able to based on the “big picture”, and the CTO’s job is to add proper technological support into the mix.

By supporting the CEOs goals and vision through the planning and implementation of technology (which is used in the production of goods or the delivery of services) within the company, this type of executive plays an important role. Therefore the CTO Job Description must reflect this .

Since the evolution of Web-based,  high-tech services and other technology-related corporate processes is now rapid and consistent, CTOs help their companies to adjust to the shifting sands of frequent technological changes.

CTO Job Description and Responsibilities Require Vision and Focus

A CTO will anticipate future needs and plan ahead, while also ensuring that the right technology is in place (in the meantime), in order to serve the CEO’s vision, as well as the needs of customers.

While a CTO Job Description main focus will be providing vision for the future, he or she will always have a comprehensive knowledge of current technology and what technology is needed in order to keep a company running smoothly.

In addition, this type of executive will need to consider regulations which may impact the implementation of technology, such as those created by government agencies, including the EPA, FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Examples of particular work duties which need to be handled by CTOs include directing strategy for technology platforms, partnerships and outside relationships. In addition, a Chief Technology Officer must create and oversee a group of technology staff. These workers will typically be involved with researching technology for products and/or services

Creating standards for technology is also part of the CTO Job Description. Examples of standards-related tasks that may fall under a CTO’s work duties include creating procedures for the testing of software as well as the testing of IT systems, security and maintenance. CTOs will be expected to keep abreast of future trends in technology, and then make sure that their companies are ready to embrace and overcome any technological challenges.

Some CTOs may be responsible for Web-based business initiatives, as they relate to technology. However, in some cases, Web-based duties may be handled by another CTO who only deals with Web-based tasks. In cases where a CTO Job Description handle some Web-based tasks, he or she may oversee technological issues which are related to Web- commerce (the running of websites), or products and services that are designed to be sold online or to have Internet capability.

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The CTO Job Description Used to Be Handled by CIOs.

Before the age of IT and Web-based commerce, other executives would handle any tasks related to technology on top of their regular work duties. These days, when technological demands are so high, there is great need for executives who are dedicated to overseeing the planning of future technological initiatives.

In particular, CIOs, or Chief Information Officers, were often given the job of dealing with technology issues, although their work duties were supposed to be focused on resolving organizational snafus.

CTO Salary Information.

On the low end of the scale, salaries for Chief Technology Officers are about 111,000 thousand dollars per year. At the high end of the scale, CTOs will earn just below 200,000 per annum. Median average earnings per year for CTOs are 155,809 a year.

Salaries may be based on the individual education and achievements of prospective CTOs. Someone with lots of relevant education and a proven track record as a CTO may have the power to command a much higher salary. In addition, salary levels may be affected by other factors, such as the size and scale of companies. Smaller companies may offer less, while big corporations will offer more. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Every company is different.

Now that you know more about what a CTO is, you’ll be able to distinguish this executive position from others, such as CEO (chief executive officer) or CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Because this sort of position requires the perfect blend of technical savvy and vision, it’s not for everyone. However, those that do have the technical know-how and sense of vision that is needed may thrive in these highly-paid and challenging positions.

In order to get hired as a CTO, credentials will be required, in the form of relevant education and related work experience. Since more and more of these positions will likely be created in the future, they do offer a lot of potential to those who have the “right stuff”.

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